When your alarm is triggered, every second counts

How it works: With four fully redundant Customer Monitoring Centers, you can count on ADT monitoring to deliver a fast response to you and emergency personnel.

Most burglaries involve at least one door opening. As part of the perimeter protection included in your ADT monitored home security system, door and window sensors are included.

ADT Monitoring Door Sensor

Our Door Sensors trigger your home security alarm when an equipped door is opened. Perfect for exterior doors at ground level, especially near trees and shrubs, where burglars often hide out.

Window Sensors

Similar to the Door Sensor, our Window Sensor provides an added level of protection to your Louisiana home. At the bare minimum, apply to ground floor windows. For maximum security—as intruders are not opposed to using ladders to climb—apply to second-story windows as well.

The Benefits of ADT Monitored Wireless Home Security Sensors

Easy to install and use: Sensors require no drilling or hardwiring.

Expandable: Purchase more as your system—or home—grows!

Portable: Install, uninstall, and move sensors as you wish.

Battery operated: Meaning the security of your home isn’t dependent upon electrical wiring or at the whim of potential power outages!

Upgradeable: Talk to your installation technician about upgrading your system and sensors to new ADT Pulse®, the country’s leading home security and automation portal.

Adjustable: Your sensors, and home security system, are malleable; move and expand them as you wish to fit your ever-changing needs.