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Celebrating New Years


What are your plans tonight for New Year’s Eve? As everyone prepares to celebrate, make sure you keep safety in mind. Millions of people will undoubtedly be consuming alcohol: whether it’s a single toast as the ball drops at midnight or if it’s multiple drinks throughout the night. louisiana-state-police-badgejpg-a4770ffd5fce4615So, if you are going out to celebrate, have a plan to get home safely. If you are drinking tonight, make sure you have a designated

driver or another way home. Driving while impaired can have devastating repercussions.

Did you know that throughout the state of Louisiana, Louisiana State Troopers investigated a total of 38 fatal crashes with 45 deaths? Many of these deaths could have been avoided: they were either alcohol-related or consisted of people not buckling up.

According the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 26 people die every day due to drunk driving. Last year, in 2013, the annual number of drunk driving deaths totaled 10,076 people killed. These numbers do not include the additional number of people who are injured. The NHTSA also imagereports that on New Years Day in 2012, over half of the traffic deaths were caused by drunk drivers.

In Louisiana, there were 234 drunk-driving deaths in 2013. These account for 33% of all traffic deaths in the state. What is truly scary about all of these is that it takes the typical drunk driver around 80 times of drunk driving to ever be stopped. Even then, up to 75 percent of people with suspended licenses continue to drive. What will it take to put an end to all of this? The solution starts now, with you. Learn more.

Tonight, make sure you have a safe way to and from wherever you are going. Call a taxi if need be—just don’t hit the road impaired. If you do see someone driving drunk, please call the State Police at *577. You can also go to www.nixle.com and enroll to receive real-time road updates and information.

From all of us at ADT Protect Your Home, have fun this New Years…and be safe! Happy New Years and let’s ring in 2015 on the right foot.


Cooking Safety During Thanksgiving


Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only a day away? Have you started all of the cooking? As you dream of having the picturesque Thanksgiving Day meal— complete with turkey, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, green beans, pumpkin pie and the rest, make sure you are practicing proper cooking safety. Before you get started, make sure you have a clean, uncluttered cooking space that is away from the oven, candles or other potential fire-starters. It’s sometime hard to juggle all the different cooking tasks at the same time, but please pay attention to the items that are cooking!

According to the NFPA, the most common cause of home fires is from unattended cooking. Of these, 55% of injuries were sustained when individuals tried to put out the fire themselves. The most severe cooking fires can result in death and complete property loss. With that said, set timers to check on certain dishes; or if you need to step away, ask someone in your home to keep an eye on food inside the oven. Your safety and the safety of other depends on running a tight ship in the kitchen.

Also, use extreme caution if you plan to use a deep fryer to cook your turkey. Each year, deep fryers cause an alarming rate of oil fires that cost roughly $15 million in nation-wide damages. Please watch this video if you do plan on deep frying your turkey:

And for addition home cooking safety tips, the NFPA released this insightful video below:

After you’ve completed all of your cooking, the next thing to really watch out for is potential burns. With all of the hot, steamy food finally prepared and ready to eat, it’s easy to get burned while handling the cookware and tableware— especially young children. According to the NFPA, nearly 7 percent of children get burned by hot tableware. Fortunately, most of these are either first or second degree burns, but that’s not always the case.

Whatever your holiday plans may be, be sure to practice safety this Thanksgiving! Hopefully it’s accident-free and a time of thankfulness and joy with your family and friends.

Top 5 Haunted Homes in Louisiana

haunted usaLouisiana is supposedly one of the most haunted states in the U.S. Perhaps it’s partially due to its high rate of crime (5th highest in the nation), but either way, numerous ghostly sightings and experiences have been reported throughout the decades. If you live in Louisiana, or are visiting, be sure to check out and tour its most haunted locations— there are plenty to choose from!
Here are the top 5 locations:

1. The Myrtles Plantation: St. Francisville, La

The Myrtles PlantationThe Myrtles Plantation now stands as a popular bed and breakfast. It attracts ghost hunters and visitors who are curious to experience paranormal activity. Long ago, the land was a sacred Native American burial ground. Later on, the mansion was built and was home to the prominent Judge Woodruffe and his family. Different tragedies happened on the property— at least 10 deaths occurred. With such a heavy history, no wonder there are so many ghostly claims.

2. Loyd Hall: Cheneyville, La

Loyd Hall
Loyd Hall (near Alexandria), was built around 1820 and has a rich history. It was home to William Loyd, a spy in the Civil War. It’s been said that Loyd also had issues with the nearby Choctaw Native American tribe. After the Loyd family lived there, the house changed hands 20 times in the span of 77 years. It’s now a bed and breakfast.

3. The Sultan’s Palace: New Orleans, La

The Sultans Palace
The Sultan’s Palace is located at 716 Dauphine Street— in the New Orleans French Quarter. Its tragic history began in the 1800s when a depraved sultan took residence and kept people there against their will. In a revolt against him, he was buried alive in the property’s courtyard. Reports indicate that a lot is still going on albeit from the sorrow and anger from events done long ago.

4. LaLaurie Mansion: New Orleans, La

LaLaurie Mansion
The LaLaurie Mansion is also in New Orleans French Quarter. For anyone who has seen the TV show, American Horror Story: Coven, it was the inspiration for Kathy Bates’s character, Madame LaLaurie. Madame LaLaurie inhumanely beat and killed several of her slaves. She’s classified as a serial killer, known for torture.

In more recent days, the LaLaurie Mansion was owned by Nicholas Cage; however, it went into foreclosure in 2009 after he owed millions in taxes.

5. Oak Alley Plantation: Vacherie, La

Oak Alley Plantations
The Oak Alley Plantation is one of the most iconic plantations of the Old South. It’s properly named too— nestled along an alley of 28 huge oak trees that are over 300 years old. Back in its hay day, it was a working sugarcane plantation. Between bouts of Tuberculosis and the Civil War, Oak Alley Plantation experienced many deaths and hardships.

In the last few decades, the plantation has been featured in numerous movies and TV Shows (like: Interview with the Vampire (with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise), The Long Hot Summer (starring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward); the Patrick Swayze mini-series, North and South; and others.). It now operates as a bed and breakfast and holds weddings and other special events.