20 Home and Fire Security Tips for Living in Louisiana

Your added layer of protection against break-ins, burglaries, and fire.

A monitored home security system remains your greatest offense in the fight against home break-ins, burglaries, fire, and other damage. Aside from helping to protect you and your family, equipping your home with an ADT monitored home security system may add value to your LA residence and provides incomparable peace of mind.

Following simple, everyday home security precautions will serve as an added layer of protection against home break-ins, burglaries, and other damage.

Below, 20 home and fire security tips courtesy of Protect Your Home to practice every day.

Home Safety Tips

  1. Create the illusion that someone is at home. Even if you’re away for an extended period of time, make use of exterior lighting and motion detectors, and ask a trusted neighbor to pick your mail and newspaper up for you. Make sure your ADT yard signs and window decals are displayed at all points on your property—even in the backyard and near your back door(s), where burglars are often likely to enter.
  2. Make sure exterior doors have proper locks. One-inch deadbolt locks are best.
  3. Look before opening. If you receive an unexpected knock at the door, look before opening. Keep your wireless keychain on you as often as possible, especially when a stranger is at the door, in case you need to call for help immediately.
  4. Don’t hide your keys in predictable spots. Spare keys should never be left below doormats, potted plants, or other obvious outdoor locations. Either find a clever hiding space or give a set to a trusted neighbor.
  5. Burglar-proof patio doors. Simply set a pipe, piece of thick wood, or metal bar in the bottom track of your door slide. The pipe should be the same length as the track. Other, more advanced equipment, including glass break sensors, can be purchased from Protect Your Home and used to alert you when a glass door or window is shattered.
  6. Always keep garage doors closed. This helps prevent intruders from gaining access to a door that leads directly to your home. Invest in ADT Pulse®, ADT’s mobile security and lifestyle management portal, and you’ll have the ability to open your garage—for family members, visitors, and so forth—as needed, anytime, anywhere. Even if you’re not there.
  7. Keep drapes and blinds shut when possible. If you have expensive home equipment, place it away from windows. Don’t advertise your valuables to passersby.
  8. Use a safe. Store money, jewelry, and other valuables in a safe or safety deposit box stored in an unlikely area (not your master bedroom).
  9. Don’t advertise your whereabouts. Monitor your social media posts. Take care in revealing too much information about your location, vacation dates, vacation destinations, and so forth. Don’t leave notes on your door for delivery people or family members, either. These are dead giveaways that you aren’t home.
  10. Adjust your telephone ring. If you’re going to be away from home for a few days, adjust your ring to the lowest volume setting. Multiple unanswered rings—even one—can be enough to tip off a burglar.
  11. Buy only fire-resistant roofing materials when building or renovating your home.
  12. Never leave candles or other open flames burning unattended.
  13. Douse cigarette and cigar butts with water before dumping them in the trash. Added protection like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and heat sensors can also be of great help in the event of an accident.
  14. Don’t leave irons, burning stovetops, or outdoor grills unattended when in use. Always double check that you’ve turned them off after use.
  15. Clear your yard of dry or dead plants and vegetation. During hotter, drier months, this will help protect you and your family from outdoor fires.
  16. Keep the lid on your trashcan. Store firewood and other combustibles away from your home.
  17. Install multiple fire and smoke alarms on every level of your home. Put them in every bedroom and test them monthly to ensure they’re still working. Replace batteries once a year. Want to be alerted any time a fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide detector goes off at your house? Invest in ADT Pulse, ADT’s mobile security management portal.
  18. Don’t use deadbolt locks that require an indoors key. In the event of an emergency, you don’t want to scramble around searching for a key to unlock your doors. Make sure windows open easily, too.
  19. Create a fire escape plan for your family. Pick a meeting place inside the house and one you’ll move to outdoors. If you sleep on a different floor from your children, make sure your youngest have a buddy—someone who will help lead them to safety in the event of an emergency. And remember: Practice makes perfect.
  20. Make sure your street address is visible from the street. This will help firemen, policemen, and medical technicians in the event of an emergency.

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