A 365 Design To Keep Your Louisiana Family Safe

Protect Your Home knows Louisiana families expect a security system to not only help protect them but to fit seamlessly and easily into their homes and daily lives. That’s why we remain the nation’s leading choice in safe, dependable home security.

Your ADT Monitored Home Security System includes:

Digital Keypad: With the digital keypad, your Louisiana home is just one touch away from fire, emergency and police assistance. Ask your installer to program it for one-touch access.

Keychain Remote Access: With the keychain remote, your monitored home alarm system is always at your fingertips. Easily arm or disarm your system from any room in your home.

Infrared Interior Motion Detector: For greater protection, have your PYH Louisiana installation technician install the Infrared Interior Motion Detector. If you have pets under 60 pounds, it can easily be programmed to let them roam freely inside without triggering a false alarm.

Multiple Points of Protection: With Protect Your Home in Louisiana, multiple door and window sensors help provide your family with even more areas of protection. A great perk for large families, as audible sound alerts trigger when protected doors are opened.

High Decibel Siren: Rely on your ADT monitored home security system high-decibel siren to frighten away intruders and notify neighbors and emergency officials of a break-in.

Backup Battery: Even in the case of severe weather, your family won’t have to worry about being left unprotected.

ADT Security Yard Signs & Window Stickers: One of your first defenses against intrusion. Place your ADT monitoring Louisiana yard sign and window decals in prominent locations to let potential intruders know your house is under constant monitoring.

Professional Installation: Aside from installation and usage tips, rely on your highly trained PYH installer to provide feedback on placement ideas for sensors, motion detectors, cameras, and more.